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Bears Bulls FX

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Bears Bulls FX

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Bears + Bulls FX is a premium short-term & long-term Forex Signal provider. For those who don’t know, Forex is short for “Foreign Exchange” or currency exchange, as in exchanging one country’s currency for another for profit. Investing can be complicated, but by subscribing to a Forex Signal provider like Bears + Bulls FX, you can make easy profits by imitating the trading style of an accomplished and professional trader.

Bears + Bulls FX is a startup business, but the site and portfolio is managed by a long-time pro. He came to us in search of someone who could create a beautiful, user-friendly site that would engage users and appeal to their sense of trust, because when money is involved, trust is everything! We connected they’re system to the backend of WordPress and created a subscription platform that any new user could use with ease. Users will also get notified via email when a trade is made, all thanks to MailChimp.

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